Online Survey Programming, Hosting and Data Collection Services

e-Research-Global.com Inc.'s  technology allows us to provide client services which include programming and hosting online surveys in any language with data collection, providing survey respondents when asked, and developing online survey data collection systems.

We review your survey (questionnaire) and program and host your survey in our online survey system. Survey invitations can be sent using e-Research-Global.com email invitation system to our e-Research-Global.com consumer panel members, or email invitations can be sent to a client's panel or client's organization email list/database. e-Research-Global.com provides clients with a unique secure hosted online survey link (URL) to use with the client's own email invitations and confidential email addresses in their system. e-Research-Global.com Inc. can also send our panel members to participate in a client survey hosted on client's servers or another company's servers. Please see online survey samples services. We can also provide survey programming and hosting with data collection and give the survey link (URL) to client to post on or offline.

Hosted Online Survey Services

  • We program your survey for online application (any language).
  • We host the online questionnaire/survey for specified time or number of completed surveys.
  • We provide participants when requested by client.
  • We send email invitations to your survey.
  • We collect the respondent data (data collection).
  • We have proprietary digital fingerprinting process for completed surveys which prevents duplicates and only allows legitimate survey completes. 
  • We provide secure data transfer (HTTPS - SHA-256, 2048-bit certificate).
  • We deliver the final respondent data set by email attachment in Tab-Delimited Text file or MS Excel file which can be uploaded to most statistical programs.

Take a tour of our e-Research-Global.com online survey programming and hosting capabilities by clicking the link below. Please note that none of your answers will be recorded. On the top right viewing screen, you can also select mobile device to see how survey looks in this mode as well.


For a quote for services, please email support@e-research-global.com

Included in Client Costs for Programmed Hosted Online Survey on our e-Research-Global System are:
  • Programming your online survey.
  • Hosting your online survey on our server for up to 2 (two) months.
  • Planning your email invitation (evite) dates.
  • Initial email invitation to take your online survey.
  • Managing respondents by import from your email database or e-Research-Global.com panel database.
  • Security (https://) for your survey URL in our online survey hosting system.
  • Collecting your responses in online survey database system and closing your survey when the number of complete surveys required has been met or at end of time period for your online survey.
  • Delivery by email attachment your survey data set in Tab-Delimited Text or MS Excel file.
  • If there is a respondent incentive, e-Research-Global.com Inc. will send the money to those who participated and completed a valid survey using PayPal.com.
Online Survey Software Development

Improve your company or organization's communication with customers, employees and partners by developing a custom online research capacity. Please email your requirements to support@e-research-global.com

Hosted Client Survey Interface for setting up and running your online surveys using your panel or e-Research-Global.com Inc's panel. Please email your requirements to support@e-research-global.com

Client Payment Methods for Providing Programmed Hosted Online Survey with Data Collection Services

We provide two methods for sending payments for our services, you can pay online or by mail.

Method 1 - Online

PayPal Logo

PayPal is the #1 way to send and receive money securely online. You can send payments in U.S. Dollars converting from Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling Yen and more currencies using your credit card or from you account balace. If you have a PayPal account, please send your PayPal to survey@pixi.com for payment to e-Research-Global.com Inc. If you do not have a PayPal account and want to sign-up for a free PayPal account, click on the below link to register.


Once the money is deposited in our e-Research-Global.com Inc. PayPal account and cleared, (usually in a few minutes) your online survey will be fielded.

Method 2 - Mail - Send U.S. Bank check for amount in U.S. Dollars to:

e-Research-Global.com Inc.
1527 Kalaniwai Place
Honolulu, HI 96821   USA

Please include your name and mailing information in all correspondence. Once the money is deposited in our e-Research-Global.com Inc. bank account and cleared, the online survey will be fielded by our staff.

Method 3 - Sending Payments in U.S. Dollars using ACH / Wire Transfer to e-Research-Global.com Inc.

Beneficiary:          e-Research-Global.com Inc.

Bank:                    American Savings Bank

Bank Address:       P.O Box 2300

                              Honolulu, Hawaii 96804-2300

Routing Number:   321370765

Account Number:   8000704478

NOTE: If your Bank in NOT in USA, then your bank (originator's bank) needs to send the funds to its own U.S. office or its own U.S. Correspondent Bank first (e.g. Citibank, New York; J.P. Morgan Chase, New York or Bank of America, New York;....etc.) as Intermediary Bank then for onward transmission to American Savings Bank, Honolulu, Hawaii by Fedwire using ABA#321370765