About e-Research-Global.com Online Survey Hosting and Data Collection with Paid Survey Respondents

e-Research-Global.com Inc. provides best practices online survey research services for all markets and sectors using propriety technology and database of opt-in online panel members from over 90 countries and 36 languages.

e-Research-Global.com Inc. provides timely  online survey programming hosting, data collection  research services.

e-Research-Global.com Inc. provides online survey panel respondent sampling services.

e-Research-Global.com Inc. provides an online survey affiliate program for those who have a web site and want to promote our survey panel membership program.

e-Research-Global.com Inc. provides custom online research solutions.

e-Reseach-Global.com Inc. subscribes to the principles of the American Association for Public Opinion Research - AAPOR, American Marketing Association - AMA, American Psychological Association - APA, American Sociological Association - ASA, Council of American Survey Research Organizations - CASTRO, Marketing Research Association - MRA  (CASTRO and MRA is now Insights Association) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research - ESOMAR for all research activities.

e-Research-Global.com Inc.has a panel member database, and is fully compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - all member data is fully-encrypted, etc.

e-Research-Global.com Inc. incorporated February 21, 2003 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

To provide these Online Survey Services, e-Research-Global.com has:
  • Servers in the USA with the capability of programming online surveys in most languages, survey hosting, fielding the online surveys and data collection, as well as providing an online laboratory for client's e-research.
  • Linux operating system allowing us to create custom e-research solutions.
  • Secure data transfer (HTTPS - SHA-256, 2048-bit certificate) for online participants in e-research.
  • Experienced survey researchers on staff.
  • Double opt-in (DOI) online research participants.