Online Survey Consumer Repondents Pamel - Data Collection Services for Clients

e-Research-Global.com provides online survey panel of consumer respondents in 90 countires and 36 different languages for academic, government, market research and nonprofit organizations data collection. Clients can use our hosted survey services, their online hosted survey system or another company's online hosted survey system.

e-Research-Global.com Respondent Advantages include:

  • Large in-house global online survey consumer panel - See Panel Book 
  • Survey participant panel recruited online
  • Double opt-in survey panel members
  • Email address of panel members verified
  • Survey panel members privacy protected
  • Random selection of panel members for surveys
  • Email invitation to take the online survey sent to the selected panel members
  • Unique panel member identification used in survey link to access the survey described in email invitation, limiting the survey to only invited panelists
  • Custom online survey sample - screening - targeting (for example, Spanish language, USA, females only aged 18 to 24 years old)
  • Clients only pay for surveys which are valid completes
  • Survey participant cash reward (incentive) processed by e-Research-Global.com

e-Research-Global.com updates panelist information with Panelist Profile CheckerTMMembers may go into their account and update their panelist information at any time. Periodically, members at the end of a survey are also provided with a link to click on to login into their account and update their personal panelist information.  From time to time, e-Research-Global.com also sends emails asking members to login and update their panelist information.  As we randomly select, members are not given a greater likelihood of selection, but are more likely to qualify based on the sample criteria.  Our member system tries to identify duplicate registrations, as well as multiple registrations from the same household to increase the likelihood of random selection from a representative panel.

e-Research-Global.com works with other major online sample providers using our technology for online survey and online sample linking,

e-Research-Global.com can assist with most consumer samples, even if we do not have enough sample in our panel member database.

e-Research-Global.com can create a proprietary online survey panel or and online community for Clients by recruiting new members based on Client research criteria.

e-Research-Global.com PanelFrequently asked questions and answers to assist clients for online samples based on ESOMAR questions for buyers.

For a quote for services, please email support@e-research-global.com