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Online Survey Affiliate Program - Website Publishers - Join and Refer Individuals to Become Online Survey Panel Members for Income

Thank you for your interest in joining the e-Research-Global.com Online Survey Affiliate Program. Our Survey Affiliate Program has been online since 2003. This program is free and provides online publishers with income by referring their visitors to e-Research-Global.com for membership and completing paid online surveys (questionnaires).

Affiliates are paid using PayPal.com

All countries and 36 different languages!

  • We pay you for each online survey (online questionnaire) completed by your referrals.
  • Every month our panel members are eligible for more than 900 paid surveys.
  • We operate in compliance with US Government and EU regulations that protect your referral members and all panel members.
  • We promise best practices services.
  • Registration is simple. You provide contact information and where you will publish your affiliate links and banners.
  • We provide you with an affiliate id, login access to your data, payments, and affiliate text and banner links embedded with your affiliate id.
  • You can place your affiliate link or banner on your website, online affiliate network, social networking sites (Facebook,Twitter, etc.) and blogs.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager to answer your questions. Contact affiliates@e-Research-Global.com

How does our online survey affiliate program referral payment system work?

You receive $0.25 every time one of your referrals completes an online survey (online questionnaire).

How do affiliates get paid?

Affiliate payment is made using Paypal.com. The minimum payment is $25.00. Once affiliates reach $25.00, affiliates can redeem at any time.

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Below are our Minimum Requirements for the Online Survey Affiliate Program.

  1. Your website must be fully functional. If your site is under construction, register after the website is fully functional. If you do NOT have a website, please join as a member, and then you can join our member referrer program where you will earn from those who you refer and complete online surveys.
  2. We will remove affiliates from our affiliate program for any online sites providing pornography or any other objectionable or offensive material.
  3. Your affiliate registration information must be accurate. No changes to payment data are accepted before making first payment.

e-Research-Global.com Inc. has a No Tolerance Fraud Policy, and actively monitors the online traffic for fraud and/or questionable marketing practices

Affiliate Terms and Conditions     

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